We believe that a personal relationship with God through Christ is at the heart of who we are and that we are dependent on His Holy Spirit to live within us and fill us, and also prayer. We believe that the Bible is God's living and active Word and see it, together with the presence of the Holy spirit,  as central to all we do as a Church. On the basis of its teaching our values are:


Growth not standing still

We are committed to see people coming to Christ and through the power of the Holy spirit at work within them, growing as disciples in the context of a changing congregation and a changing society.


Partnership not individualism

We aim to be a community of fellow workers as we seek to release the potential of the whole body for Christ through teaching, sharpening, valuing, supporting and being accountable to one another.


Engagement not retreat

We are committed to serving the society around us and speaking Christ into it, and so to maintaining and developing our networks into it.


Christ not culture

We are committed to Christ above our culture and our engagement must be shaped by biblical thinking and values and must resist what is incompatible to Christ in our culture.